Meet Lauren

My history in Broward County started during the late 1970’s in Hollywood, Florida. My father was an internal medicine resident when he met my mother Susan, an accomplished emergency room nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital who went on to become a Judge in Broward County. My sister and I both grew up in Emerald Hills and attended University School in Fort Lauderdale. During my Junior year of high school I interned at Davie City Town Hall. Intrigued by the intricacies of running a small city, the first seed was planted that one day I would become involved in local politics and contribute in some meaningful way to my own city.

After high school I took to traveling the country. I lived in Spanish Harlem, New York and watched humbly as a city came together during the 9/11 attacks. I worked as a nurse and health coordinator in Port Au Prince, Haiti days after the 2010 earthquake that took over 200,000 lives and yet saw so many persevere through yet another hardship. I traveled to Baltimore, Maryland where I had the honor to work at the historic Johns Hopkins
Hospital. There I learned the profound effects of poverty on the family unit and how that relates to the health of a city. I ventured to Fairfield,
Iowa where I developed a deep love for the simple living in a small town. I studied at the Maharishi University of Management where I learned meditation and sustainable living practices. It was in the rolling hills of Iowa I met my husband, Stephen, and together we returned to my home in Dania Beach to start our family.

I value transparency and accountability in both my life and politics. As such, I am open to sharing my life and the lessons that came from it. I hope you will see a well rounded person with a range of personal and professional experiences that will lend to making good decisions for our city. I hope you will also see a person who has tried to do well for herself while helping those around her.

With my family and friends by my side I am ready to make a commitment to the next chapter in my life. I want to do good things- big things for Dania Beach. I know that with my experience, I can bring an untapped well of ideas to Dania Beach politics and will definitely appreciate the challenges that come along with it.


Why Vote Odman

I believe that a skilled professional in communication, local planning and zoning, and leadership is well equipped to be a successful and effective Commissioner. A nurse knows how to function under the most stressful of situations to make decisions, and find creative solutions while working as a team. I've always held a personal philosophy of building relationships through earned trust and creative collaboration. Below are a few of the key issues on our plate:

Development in Dania Beach is the most talked about issue when going door to door. The consequences of development are far reaching and include everything from offsetting the effects of gentrification to decisions in spending the money that is added to the tax roll from this new development wave. We will also have to make sure that our infrastructure can support the new buildings and residents coming in so that we can avoid growing faster than our pipes, drains, and roads can handle. As new development makes its way onto the tax roll we have increased opportunities to invest in our residents. This translates into more money for our senior programs, youth athletic programs, OASIS neighborhood improvements, solar light expansion, and community development initiatives. As your City Commissioner I will prioritize the projects residents have told me they want: lower density buildings, more affordable housing options, more visual art and green space. All of this is a delicate balance I believe we can achieve if we adhere to smart growth principles that enhance our quality of life for those that live in Dania Beach.

Our current city manager, Robert Baldwin, will be leaving and the current commission was tasked with finding his replacement. At the cost of around $30,000 the commission was given a list of eligible candidates screened by the recruiter. After much discussion the commission made a decision of “no vote” as they did not believe they could agree on a candidate with the necessary 4 votes.

During that time, the Coral Gables City Manager left her position abruptly and Fort Lauderdale is possibly going to see Feldman leave his position as well. Now the new commission, coming in November, will have the recruiter go back and put together a new list of candidates. With the possibility of two cities who are able to offer a higher salary starting point, we may find ourselves struggling to find a high quality candidate for Dania Beach. As City Commissioner I will be committed to finding a solid candidate for our city manager position. I will work with the other commissioners to hire someone who is experienced, even tempered, and forward thinking.

As a coastal city we have a moral responsibility to respond to the overwhelming evidence that climate change is real and the threats they present require comprehensive action in conjunction with county, state, and federal entities. Dania Beach needs to take a strong position on environmental protection and be a leader for other Broward cities. These measures will serve to address some of the most pressing issues facing our city right now: sea level rise, coastal erosion, salt water intrusion, and flooding to name just a few. We need to track the data for collection and work to increase our understanding of specific climate change impacts to Dania Beach. This will allow us to integrate solutions into our community and government decision making while developing the most efficient action plan that will protect us now and generations later.


endorsed by NOW
endorsed by Dolphin Democrats
endorsed by AFSCME

Our City Leaders Agree, Lauren Odman is the best choice!

Tamara James

Tamara James

Mayor of Dania Beach

“As the Mayor of Dania Beach, I’m proud to endorse Lauren Odman"

Bill Harris

Bill Harris

Vice-Mayor of Dania Beach

“She is well prepared and knows the issues and challenges facing Dania Beach"

Chickie Brandimarte

Chickie Brandimarte

Commissioner of Dania Beach

“Lauren is smart, and with a tremendous heart she is the right person for our city"

Bobbie Grace

Bobbie Grace

Commissioner of Dania Beach

“I trust Lauren to lead our city and make great decisions that reflect the voice of all our residents"


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